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Remote Mediation


If you have agreed or are court-ordered to mediate your dispute, consider remote mediation. If recent times have shown us anything, it's that when parties and counsel are spread throughout the state or country, then remote conferencing is an economical, time saving way to accomplish our goals. Remote mediation also enables more flexibility in scheduling.

As a Mares-Dixon trained mediator with 30 years of litigation experience, I am convinced that an "issues and concerns" approach to dispute resolution is most beneficial. Each party will have a chance in pre-mediation interviews, settlement statements and during mediation to express the issues important to them. The "horse swapping" method of mediation is proven ineffective, and the parties are forced to take a positional, adversarial approach to the process -- the very thing that mediation is intended to avoid!

Mediation is conducted with the parties and attorneys face-to-face. Breaking out into separate rooms only creates suspicion between the parties and with the mediator. Even though emotions can be high during mediation, it is important that parties be able to civilly discuss the issues with each other. However, if there is credible evidence of a history of domestic violence, mediation will be held in separate virtual breakout rooms.

My fee is $750 per half day of mediation. Most sessions are scheduled for a half-day unless the issues are numerous and complex.

You will need a computer or smart phone to participate via ZOOM conference. So that I may observe reactions, you must attend your remote mediation via video conference. Telephone conferences will not be conducted.

Mediation Issues Addressed: Family, Custody, Divorce Disputes; Civil Litigation; Employer-Employee Disputes; Interdepartmental Disputes; Public Interest, Administrative and Governmental Board Disputes

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